Photo-manipulation & Composition

Image manipulation. Bringing together other photographs into one shot and expand outer edges. Remove date stamp from image. Before

Discoloured Photo Repair

Repair of small discoloured photo using Adobe Photoshop. Orange marks removed and colours/tones balanced.

Torn Photo Repair

Badly faded and torn photo. We repaired, retouched and enhanced this image in just under an hour.

Joining Two Photographs Together

The joining together of two separate and faded black and white photographic images into a single composition using Adobe Photoshop.

Photographic Repair – Old Photo

Very little detail and low resolution. New facial regions were overlaid and distorted to match the characteristics of the original.

Repair: Crowded Photograph

It takes a lot longer to repair a crowd shot. Each face is important and must be retouched to a high standard.

Faded Photograph

An example of a badly faded and marked image, restored in just over an hour. Replaced background and removal dirt and scratches.

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