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We repair images that most studios reject, removing scratches/dirt, correcting colour/tone, including repairing missing parts of any image.

Professional Photo-Manipulation

Professional photo-manipulation service, offering a flexible range of merging, adaptation, CGI inclusion, colour-correcting & pre-press solutions.

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If you would like to know more about our 100% UK-based Adobe Photoshop services, then please get in touch today!

The Adobe Photoshop Specialists: Professional Photo Editing Services – UK

Whether you are a professional Photographer, Graphic Designer or have a collection of old photos in need of repair, we can retouch or manipulate any kind of image. Our Adobe Photoshop specialist company is based in the UK. We never outsource any of our photo editing services to other companies. All image work is carried out in-house.

Repair & hand tint photo - Photo Editing Services UK

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For more information about our Adobe Photoshop services, please get in touch. We love what we do, so no project is too small or too big for us!

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Our photo editing services studio is open Mon-Fri, between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm.

Professional Photo Retouching Service

Professional Photo Retouching Service

Image beyond repair? Don’t throw that portrait away! A photograph that may seem past hope, will be a simple fix with our Adobe Photoshop photo-repair service.

Free Adobe Photoshop Actions

Free Adobe Photoshop Actions

Download free Adobe Photoshop Actions and start creating today! These time-saving Actions are packed with professional features. Compatible with most versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Learn Adobe Photoshop

Learn Adobe Photoshop

Learn all there is to know about Adobe Photoshop with our resident photo repair specialist and digital imaging consultant, James Middleton.

Photoshop Technical - Automotive
Joining Photographs
Clipping Paths
Repair and Hand colour Photographs
Professional Photo Retouching Service

The UK based photo retouching company. High-end digital photo manipulation and retouching using Adobe Photoshop. Expert level photographic consultation and services.

Digital Photographic Restoration

Old or damaged photographs professionally retouched by Adobe Photoshop specialist, James Middleton. No image beyond repair!

Clipping Paths & Image Manipulation

Removal of backgrounds, image composites and clipping paths services. Professional UK-based pre-press Adobe Photoshop services.

Photo Hand Tinting – Image Colouring

Photographic black and white to colour. Realistic hand tinting/colouring service We will send you a digital proof before you buy – risk free!

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Adobe Photoshop is our Speciality

Turning Turnip is a UK-based professional photo editing services and image retouching company. Our services are available to both commercial and non-commercial customers. No project is too big or too small. Get in touch with us today!

Latest Photo Manipulation Work

Examples of our digital image manipulation work are created using a mixture of techniques. Although we mostly centre on Adobe Photoshop, we often incorporate 3D modelling (CGI – Computer Generated Imagery) to produce ultra-realistic results.

Latest Photo Retouching Work

We have been retouching and restoring images since the mid-1990s. Here at Turning Turnip, we rarely turn an image away. Even the most battered photograph can be rejuvenated using our Adobe Photoshop – Photo Editing Services.

Free Adobe Photoshop Actions

Many repetitive tasks can be condensed using ‘Actions’ in Adobe Photoshop. Actions are one-click solutions for applying a sequence of different effects and states to your image. For instance, an Action can be used to crop, apply an effect and autocorrect colour, all with a single click.