During this video tutorial “Hand Tinting Photos in Photoshop”, you will learn how to manually produced colourisations in black and white photographs. A free Photoshop Action is provided, so that you can make a quick start: Download the free Colorize black and white photo Photoshop Action from the following link: https://www.turningturnip.co.uk/free-adobe-photoshop-actions/. If you use another methods for hand-tinting or colorizing black and white photos, then please do give them a mention in the comments section on the video tutorial. I am about to produce another colorization tutorial Photoshop in the next couple of days, so do subscribe! You may be wondering why I have produced this tutorial when there is a perfectly decent Neural AI filter for this task. But it doesn’t always do a great job. This technique will serve such occasions. Also, during this tutorial, I will introduce you to useful photo-editing techniques, such as using Adjustment Layers and Masking.