During this video tutorial, I will be trialing the new Neural Filter ‘Colorize Photoshop’. I will apply it to an array of old black and white photographs to test the AI technology for at colorizing. I will also be demonstrating approaches to improve on the results from Colorize. I will be using the Color Replacement tool from the tool palette in Photoshop for this task. This video is in part, a review of Neural Filter Colorize. It is also a tutorial on the colourisation of black and white photographs. If you have enjoyed watching ‘Colorize Photoshop – The New Neural Filter Put to the Test’, then please do leave a comment, share, like and don’t forget to subscribe! In that way, you will receive more Photoshop 2021 tutorials and reviews as I make them. This new technology is a great starting point if you want to know how to color a black & white photograph in Photoshop.