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Colorize BW

Colorize black & white images | PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS DOWNLOAD

This free Photoshop Action will generate a series of pre-coloured colour balance adjustment layers. All you need to do is paint with the paintbrush to achieve these results. This action is perfect when the AI colourisation plugin in Neural Filters fails to do the job.

The Adobe Photoshop action, “Colorize B&W Enhancer,” effortlessly transforms black and white images into vibrant colour compositions. Ideal for photographers and designers seeking a quick and efficient method to add richness and depth to their black-and-white images, the action streamlines the colourization process while maintaining a natural and visually pleasing result.

Colourize BW – Photoshop Action – Free Download:

This action is a part of the ‘Photography’ group of actions.


If you are, then please watch my video on recording and making actions within Adobe Photoshop 2021 & Photoshop elements (to a certain degree):

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