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Photo-repair that you can rely on

Modern photo-retouching techniques can produce astonishing results that will surprise you. At Turning Turnip, we specialise in digitally restoring damaged photos that other studios would reject as beyond repair. Using advanced techniques in Adobe Photoshop, our experts can professionally retouch even badly ripped, faded, or defaced images. We love breathing new life into old photos thought to be too far gone.

Our UK-based photo retouching is done in-house by our expert, James Middleton. He uses only non-destructive techniques, so your original photo remains undamaged. We retouch the high-resolution digital version without altering the original. For top-quality wedding photo editing at competitive rates, choose us for your UK wedding photography touch-up needs

Click on each of the following photographs to see a larger version of the retouched image.

Professional Skin Retouching in Photoshop

At Turning Turnip, we offer professional photo skin retouching and skin smoothing as part of our expert photo editing services. Our flawless retouching complements high-end fashion, beauty, and advertising photography.

Our unparalleled skin retouching focuses on enhancing appeal and reducing quality-degrading elements. We specialise in skin tone evening, teeth whitening, colour correction, and overall skin retouching. Our experts maintain a professional, realistic finish when providing these premier skin retouching services

Relax – No Risks

We are confident you will be pleased with the final retouched image. Before requesting payment for any photo-retouching service, we will provide a digital proof for approval. If you are not satisfied with the result, you have no obligation to purchase. Our photo retouching comes with no risk – if you don’t like the final image, you don’t pay.

Photo Retouching Services Price Guide

We carefully evaluate each photograph to determine the right restoration service and pricing. Photo restorations start at £20 per image, with most around £25. Larger projects may have a slightly higher cost. Contact us for a personalised quote on your photo restoration needs.

Call Today: 01626 863 367

To learn more about our Adobe Photoshop photo editing services, please contact us anytime. We are passionate about image retouching and restoration, welcoming projects both large and small. No photo editing job is too big or too small for our team of experts.

Black & White to Colour Conversion

Hand-Colouring from only £25

Our photo restoration expert, James Middleton, has mastered the art of meticulously hand-tinting black-and-white photographs. Way beyond the abilities of AI alone. Using his signature blend of filters and techniques, he can transform most black-and-white images into vivid colour. The final, hand-tinted photos never cease to amaze our clients.

How to get your photograph to us

We typically work from scanned digital copies rather than original photos. For best results, customers scan images themselves and email the files to us. If you lack scanning access, we can scan your original photo for £5 plus postage and packaging fees to return the print. For DIY scanning, follow these guidelines:

  • Black & White Original: Scan in as Greyscale.
  • Colour original: Scan in as either RGB or CMYK.
  • 300 DPI: For finished print at the same size as the original.
  • 600 DPI: For finished print at x2 size as the original.
  • Effects/Filters: None.

This allows us to edit the digital file non-destructively without risking your original, irreplaceable photo.

When scanning your photos yourself, we recommend the following image dimensions in pixels: These allow for over-scanning and borders on the original photo:

  • 6 x 4” = 2250 x 1500 pixels
  • 7 x 5″ = 2500 x 1786 pixels
  • 8 x 6″ = 2600 x 1950 pixels
  • 10 x 8″ = 3250 x 2600 pixels

If there are large non-photographic areas in your scan, increase the dimensions as needed for the best quality. Over-scanning the original helps us work with more detail for professional retouching results.

If you have any questions about scanning or image dimensions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to provide guidance to ensure you get optimal scans for our retouching services: 01626 863367.

Digital Printing Options & Costs

We can deliver your retouched images via free email delivery. For an additional fee, we also offer professional photo printing services. We use top-of-the-line Fuji Frontier 370 printers and Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper to produce gallery-quality photographic prints. Print prices below are per photo, exclusive of retouching fees. No VAT charged on any services.

  • 6 x 4” = £0.30
  • 7 x 5″ = £0.50
  • 8 x 6″ = £1.00
  • 10 x 8″ = £2.50
  • Postage & Packaging = £5.00

Email delivery of retouched digital files is complimentary. Please contact us if you would like high-quality custom prints of your restored photos.

Photo via Email

We also offer free email delivery of your retouched photos. This allows you to print as many copies as desired without any copyright restrictions from us. With the digital files, you have full freedom to reproduce your restored images.

A Photo Retoucher at Work

This time-lapse video showcases our photo retoucher, James Middleton, editing a sample image. The footage was captured in real-time, then accelerated at 10x speed. Expand the YouTube video to full screen to see his intricate retouching techniques up close. Watch as James expertly transforms the photo using his skills honed over years of experience.

Turning Turnip provides premier photo editing services based in the UK. We do not outsource any of our work; it is all handled in-house. Our Adobe Photoshop expert, James Middleton, personally performs all retouching and restoration for each image. You can trust that your photos will receive specialised care and attention from start to finish.

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