Adobe Photoshop Actions

Adobe Photoshop: Using Actions

You may wish to Automate a certain process within Adobe Photoshop allowing you to save time on repetitive tasks. A ‘Macro’ system is available (within Adobe Photoshop) for recording simple or complex procedures. In order to access this facility, let’s start by opening the ‘Actions’ floating palette. If you can’t find this within your work areas, then click on the Window menu item and choose it from the drop-down list. PRACTICAL Let’s start by creating our first Action. Click on…

After Smooth Skin Photoshop Action

Photoshop: Using the smooth skin action

This action for smoothing skin within Adobe Photoshop is not a one click solution. This action should be used in conjunction with selections or even better, layer mask. It is perfect for the removal of greasy patches on skin, such as spots, minor wrinkles as well as generally improving skin texture. The best thing about this action is that it cleans skin whilst leaving important texture. Too many actions will remove too much, leaving skin looking more like plastic. To…

Adobe Photoshop Levels

Improving Contrast: Levels In B/W Photography

Whether you are working with a colour or black-and-white image, you would be ill-advised not to spend some time checking your colour or tonal levels. Every time I open a photograph within Adobe Photoshop, one of the first things I do is ensure that the image is not discoloured or impaired as far as colour and contrast are concerned. Invariably, images caught with either a digital camera or acquired using a flatbed scanner will lack the deep and rich range…

Image Navigation

Photoshop video tutorial – Navigation

If you want to become an expert Adobe Photoshop user, you must above all master image navigation via your keyboard. Achieving this, will free up time and energy, enabling you to use the vast array of tools on impulse. THE TOOLS OF NAVIGATION Although many utilize the Zoom and Hand tool to magnify and to move around an image canvas, I tend to favour the use of quick-key short-cuts. By using such functions, your focus can be lifted away from…

Clone Stamp Tool

Photoshop Introduction: Clone/Stamp Tool

The Clone/Stamp tool is one of the most widely used and popular tools within Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to copy pixel data via a ‘brush’, from one part of an image and paint it to another. This makes it very useful in the repair missing pixel data. You can find the Clone/Stamp tool within the Adobe Photoshop tool box, or by pressing the quick key ‘S’. MAKING A START In order use the Clone/Stamp tool effectively, you must zoom…

Selections with Lasso

Creating Selections: Adobe Photoshop

Occasionally you may need to isolate an area within an image so that it can be altered or copy and pasted into another image. Within Adobe Photoshop, you can isolate areas (of an image) using ‘Selections’. There are several selection tools available: The ‘Marquee’ tools, the ‘Lasso’ tools and the Magic Wand tool. Some Adobe Photoshop users become nervous at the thought of using selections as they appear to be complex and difficult to manage. Other beginners may be bewildered…


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