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Photoshop: Using the smooth skin action

After Smooth Skin Photoshop Action

After Action

This action for smoothing skin within Adobe Photoshop is not a one click solution. This action should be used in conjunction with selections or even better, layer mask. It is perfect for the removal of greasy patches on skin, such as spots, minor wrinkles as well as generally improving skin texture. The best thing about this action is that it cleans skin whilst leaving important texture. Too many actions will remove too much, leaving skin looking more like plastic.

To use this action, you’ll firstly need to apply it to your image. Then, you’ll need to use layer mask. Layer mask allows you to mask out or reveal pixels on a designated layer. It can be added to a layer by clicking on the Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the layer palette. If you are not sure which one that is, let your cursor hover over each button to reveal the link name.

Using the brush tool with black as your primary painting colour, simply paint out the effects of this action where they are not welcome. Around eyes, hair, eyebrows, lips, eyelashes, etc, these areas will need to be masked. If you go too far with the masking process, you can easily reverse it using white as your primary colour.


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