Photoshop video tutorial – Navigation

If you want to become an expert Adobe Photoshop user, you must above all master image navigation via your keyboard. Achieving this, will free up time and energy, enabling you to use the vast array of tools on impulse.


Although many utilize the Zoom and Hand tool to magnify and to move around an image canvas, I tend to favour the use of quick-key short-cuts.

By using such functions, your focus can be lifted away from the ins-and-outs of the Photoshop interface and transferred on to achieving your objective.

If you are solely dependent on the mouse and the elaborate menu systems, you will struggle to develop the required dexterity.

It is crucial to your development, that after concluding this tutorial, you assume the following quick-key practices.

Lets start things off by opening an image.


Firstly, we will examine zooming. To Zoom into your canvas – hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and press the ‘+’ or ‘=’ symbol. Your images’ magnification will now increase. The increment of this can be observed at the top of the image window. If you repeat this sequence, your zoom factor continues to increase.

Now, let’s try zooming out. Again, hold down the CTRL key but this time, press the ‘-‘. Repeating this sequence will decrease your zoom factor. It is important to note, by using this zoom tool, your image is in no way altered.

So, use CTRL ‘+’ to zoom in and CTRL ‘-‘ zoom out of your canvas area.


If you wish to set the zoom factor so that the image fits neatly within your work area, hold down the CTRL key and press ‘0’ (zero).


Now I will demonstrate how to move around a canvas effectively. Let’s start by zooming in a little until your image’s canvas is too large for its window.

Instead of using the Hand tool to move around this image, we are going to use a far better method. Hold down your keyboard’s space bar and left-click and drag the mouse. You’ll see as you do so, for as long as you keep your finger on the space bar, your canvas moves freely. You may have noticed that the cursor icon changed from the last tool you used, to the hand tool whilst the using this short-cut.


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