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James Middleton

TTswiftcoder v3.4 New Release!

Last updated on: 04/03/2013

CMS (Content Management System)

Reduce the repetition associated with setting up a PHP & MySQL Content Management System with this simple on-line code generator - TTswiftcoder. Instantly generate forms accessible to W3 standards in no time! Best of all - it's completely free to use.

  • Intended Audience: Web developers & designers
  • Level of understanding: Intermediate
  • Requirements: PHP4+, MySQL database
  • Pricing: Free for both commercial & non-commercial use
  • Other information: Security login features not included - You will need to add these yourself

The following PHP & MySQL will be generated:

  • MySQL code to generate the database
  • connect.php - Script to connect to MySQL database
  • index.php - Lists entries for deletion/updating
  • add.php - A form for submitting data to the database
  • added.php - Data submitted
  • update.php - A form for updating data within the database
  • updated.php - Data updated
  • delete.php - Deletes chosen database entry

IMPORTANT: Before continuing, please read: