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- James Middleton

TTswiftcoder v5 New Release!

Last updated on: 11/07/2016

CMS (Content Management System)

Reduce the repetition associated with setting up a PHP & MySQLi Content Management System with this simple on-line code generator - TTswiftcoder. Instantly generate forms accessible to W3 standards in no time! Best of all - it's completely free to use.

  • Intended Audience: Web developers & designers
  • Level of understanding: Intermediate
  • Requirements: PHP4+, MySQL database
  • Pricing: Free for both commercial & non-commercial use
  • Other information: Security login features not included - You will need to add these yourself

The following PHP & MySQLi will be generated:

  • MySQLi code to generate the database
  • connect.php - Script to connect to MySQLi database.
  • index.php - Lists entries for deletion/updating.
  • form.php - A form for adding and updating data to the database.
  • process.php - A single PHP script for adding, updating and deleting data.

IMPORTANT: Before continuing, please read:


  1. Am having so much trouble with PHP. Your product would be a great help.

  2. Hi. very very good!
    It was so easy to setup this form! well done. It was easy to change!
    I changend it to fields only: username and password
    because what I need is…..
    I give someone the username and a password, as a kind of login.. after the user login, he should be directed to a url
    sth. like this:

    I try to solve it:-) So far thanks.

  3. Hello
    Thanks for a good script, helps out a lot…
    Now, i wish you could make a register generator script as register, confirm with e-mail, lost password etc…
    And also with that register script users can edit there own values…

    I hope we can see that in the future…

    Thanks alot

    • You should be able to do this with the generator – the php is fairly flexible, so you can chop and reorder it to do these things. The basic process is there; Form->post->data stuff. Glad you like it!

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