Latest Photoshop Work

Joining Two Photographs Together

The joining together of two separate and faded black and white photographic images into a single composition using Adobe Photoshop.

Hand Coloured Photographs – Tinting Black & White

Hand Colouring Photography

This photograph was carefully repaired and hand coloured to achieve a highly impressive effect.

Photographic Repair – Old Image

Very little detail and low resolution. New facial regions were overlaid and distorted to match the characteristics of the original.

Technical Retouch of Audi

Highly stylised image of an Audi, produced from a non-professional shot. Airbrushed and textured background image.

Building Renovation – Image Retouch

Demonstration of retouching skills. Renovation of derelict building was produced in three hours.

Dashboard Flip for the Automotive Industry

Horizontally flipping a car interior using Adobe Photoshop – from a left to a right hand drive.

Statue Comes to Life!

Statue manipulation - Photoshop

Cold stone comes to life with this image manipulation, using Adobe Photoshop.

Restoration Of Water Damaged Photograph

Image badly damaged during a flood. Airbrush repair with grain added afterwards for a natural effect.

Hand Tint – From Black & White to Colour

Colour was added to create variances and reflections within this hand tint from black and white.

Repair: Crowded Photograph

It takes a lot longer to repair a crowd shot. Each face is important and must be retouched to a high standard.

Bad Composition Fix

Rotation issue was fixed and white regions airbrushed out. Crowd members were moved for a better composition.

Faded Photograph

An example of a badly faded and marked image, restored in just over an hour. Replaced background and removal dirt and scratches.

Clipping Paths & Perspective

Image with clipping path

Clipping path around a vintage car. Realistic mirrored reflection with perspective carefully considered.

Digital Restoration of Doom Painting

Doom painting after digital restoration

Digital restoration of one of the finest medieval doom paintings in Europe.

Architectural Image Retouch

Architectural Image After Retouch

Clients want to see their dream home without scaffolding and with a lawn in front of it.

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