Photo Restoration

call-photoshop-expertsWe restore the damaged images that most studios reject. Ripped, faded and defaced photographs will be professionally repaired using Adobe Photoshop.

Restoration Price Guide

Photo Repair ServiceEach photograph will have to be assessed to determine the appropriate repair category:

  • Catagory 1: £15 – Mild damage.
  • Catagory 2: £25 – Badly damaged.
  • Catagory 3: £50 – Severely damaged.

To get a rough idea of which category your image falls into, visit our GUIDE PRICE GENERATOR.

Black & White To Colour Conversion

Hand Tint ServiceFrom Only £25!

Our photo-expert, James Middleton has perfected the art of hand-tinting black and white photographs. Most images can be converted to colour using our unique cocktail of methods. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Printing Options & Costs

All images are printed using professional Fuji Frontier 370 printers onto FujiFilm Crystal Archive photographic paper. All prices below represent the cost per image. No VAT to pay. Repair prices are additional to the costs below.

6×4″ = £0.30
7×5″ = £0.50
8×6″ = £1.00
10×8″ = £2.50
Postage & Packaging = £5.00

We can send you the image via email for an additional £10. This entitles you to print as many copies as you wish with no restrictions!

Call for our Adobe Photoshop restoration services: 01626 863367