Free Photoshop Actions

Soft Skin Tones

After Action

Soften skin tones without loosing important skin texture. A one click solution!

Photo Cube Effect

After Action

Create an impressive, photo-realistic 3D photo cube with of any image with this ‘one-click’ action.


After Action

Add a fantasy atmosphere to your photographs with this free Adobe Photoshop plugin. Easy and quick to apply to any image.

Illustrated Effect

After Action

Transform any ordinary photograph into a pen and ink illustration.

Gradient Tint Effect

After action

Add a gradient-filter effect to the top of your photograph with this free Adobe Photoshop Action.

Painting Effect

After action

Convert any photographic image into a painting with this free Adobe Photoshop Action.

Reduce Motion Blur

Before Action

Reduce camera blur within a photograph with this free Adobe Photoshop Action.

Old Style Sepia Effect


Eliminate that ‘digital look’ and achieve a realistic photo grain with these 2 free sepia Adobe Photoshop Actions.

Watercolour Effect

Before Action

Transform any photograph into a watercolour in seconds with this free Adobe Photoshop Action.

Glass Orb Effect


Create an amazing Glass Orb based on the ‘background’ colour chip.

Soft Focus Effect

After Action

Add a retro soft focus look to any photograph. Great for hiding over sharp textures!

Gritty Monochrome BW Effect

After Action

Convert any colour photo into a monochromatic mix, black and white image.

Photo Grain Effect

After Action

Eliminate that ‘digital look’ and achieve a realistic photo grain.

Triptych Generator

After Action

Generate standard 3x triptych panels for print. Also, a 3D effect visual triptych generator

Harsh Effect

After Action

Create a stunning, harsh colour/tonal range across your photograph.

Lomo Effect

After Action

Create a Lomo effect on any photograph with this 1970’s classic.

Pro Magazine Photo

After Action

Get that pro magazine photo, effect with this one-click action for Adobe Photoshop.

Chincey Effect

After Action

Fall back to the 1970’s with this realistic chincey photo effect.

Strong Coffee

After Action

Take in the caffeine of a strong cup of coffee with this photographic effect.

Waxy Effect

After Action

Get that waxy photo effect with this free, one-click effect.

Miniaturize Effect

After Action

Make your photographs look like miniature models by adding variable depths and zones.

Retro Comic

After Action

Generate superbly realistic retro comic effects using this simple, one-click solution.

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